David Blittersdorf, MDE ’77, Hon. ’14, knows that preserving the planet is difficult, complicated work. But he’s convinced that students at Wentworth leave hope for the future.

Blittersdorf, founder of green energy company AllEarth Renewables, visited campus on September 27 as part of the “WIT Talks” series, sponsored by the Office of Alumni and Constituent. As featured speaker, he engaged with a student body that has a chance to take practical academic principles from Wentworth and apply them to environmental issues around the globe.

David Blittersdorf established a faculty professorship in 2015.

David Blittersdorf established a faculty professorship in 2015.

“It is of paramount importance to bring critical thinking and scientific skills back into the public discussion as we move toward a clean, renewable-energy future,” said Blittersdorf, a Wentworth Trustee.

Real-world concepts and on-the-job training have afforded Wentworth students the ability to play a key role in transitioning to wind and solar energy, Blittersdorf said. “Knowledge matters,” he added.

The importance of education led Blittersdorf to establish the Blittersdorf Professorship, an endowed professorship focused on faculty scholarly work, which can include travel to conferences, creation of new curriculum, and purchasing of equipment and supplies.

Blittersdorf believes that past and present generations, including his own, have relied heavily on finite resources to build a modern world. The time is now, he advocates, to right the environmental ship.

“Use your scientific knowledge and training to question things. Check your facts and engage your faculty to advocate for you,” he said, speaking directly to students. “Somebody has to lead.”

— Greg Abazorius