For the second straight year, Wentworth played a significant role at PAX East, the largest video game conference in the United States. The event took place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from Feb. 27–March 1 and featured tournaments, an exhibit hall, panel discussions, an indie game showcase and live performances.

Wentworth’s booth saw Department of Industrial Design Chair Derek Casio conduct real-time illustrations, staff and faculty hold virtual reality demonstrations and gaming hardware manufacturer Razer partner to give away various electronic items. Thousands of potential Wentworth students met with university representatives working the booth.

“Our students are clearly fans of PAX East, judging by how many we saw stop by our booth and let us know what the university’s presence means to them,” says Tristan Cary, director of technical services at Wentworth.

Cary, who helps organize Wentworth’s PAX East appearance, points to the synergy between the multibillion-dollar gaming industry and majors at the university. Video game clubs are also popular at Wentworth.

“We offer computer science and engineering degrees, ones that can be geared toward the video game industry, as well as design degrees, because, as you might be aware,” says Cary, “all video games have design elements.”

–Greg Abazorius