Costume Club president Angel Carboni, BCOS ’21 (right), assists Zack Solovay, BBME ’21, with his cosplay outfit. Solovay—wearing a mask in homage to Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid video game series and arms from the One Punch Man anime—is a member of the club and a fan of cosplay, the act of dressing as a character from a game, book, or movie.

“I’m always helping Zack put on his cosplay wear since he always sort of forgets to make his cosplays easy to wear or put on himself,” Carboni says with a laugh.

Solovay constructed the face gear for a class project using a servomechanism that allows the mask to open and close via buttons on the side. The inside right contains a mini projector to show how fast the wearer is moving. LED Masters of Disguise lights will also turn red when Solovay is running and orange
if he is idle.

The One Punch Man arms consist of mainly LED configurations, including tilt sensors in both palms. “If he tilts his hand up,” explains Carboni, “it makes the lights react as if he’s charging up for an attack, and so they rapidly increase in speed and build up flame colors.”

The coup de grâce? A small, built-in machine that uses vegetable glycerin to make smoke bellow out of the arms.

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— Greg Abazorius