Dear Wentworth Students,

As the United States remains divided by privilege and oppression, many communities including our own are stepping up to combat the injustices that have been plaguing our nation for years. Brutal and nonsensical violence toward Black communities and individuals by law enforcement is terrifying and unsettling to witness and hear about.

Wentworth Student Government’s mission is “to further the interests of the student body.” Every student needs to feel safe, protected, and welcomed in our community whether they are physically on campus or not. The experiences and well-being of our peers does not end at the sidewalk of Huntington Avenue.

We encourage everyone to educate themselves, their families, and their peers about current events and the history of racial inequality that has led to this moment. Last Friday we were given the day to learn, reflect, and take action in observation of Juneteenth. We encourage everyone to continue these 3 steps in daily life. The Douglas D. Schumann Library’s online catalog can be searched for specific topics you may want to learn about. The Center for Diversity & Social Justice also has a list of resources for Racial Injustice.

WIT’s National Society of Black Engineers and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers have established a donation campaign to benefit Black Lives Matter Boston, Campaign Zero, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. To learn more or donate to this campaign you can click here. For actions that relate specifically to improving our campus, classrooms, clubs and teams WSG is here to work with you moving forward. Your voice is our mission.

Wentworth offers reporting options that we encourage students to use. EthicsPoint is an anonymous reporting option if you believe injustices or other illegal acts are occurring at Wentworth (on or off campus). To report students who may be struggling due to the current events, a CARE report will allow Student Affairs and the CARE Team to reach out to those students. CARE reports and EthicsPoint are not for emergencies. For emergencies, call Public Safety at 617-989-4444.


WSG stands with Black Communities in the fight to feel safe, protected, and welcome in our country.

To share your concerns and ideas or for meeting information please contact us at



Wentworth Student Government

Your Voice, Our Mission


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