To join Wentworth Student Government all you need to do is attend a single meeting!

They take place on Wednesdays at 6pm in The Board Of Trustees Room, 4th floor of Beatty Hall near the elevator, room 432.

After three consecutive meetings, you are then considered a permanent member of WSG and are able to vote on any legislation!



Q: Do I need any experience to join?
A: Nope! We have members from all sorts of backgrounds, from no experience to having served on governments in high school.

Q: How much commitment is needed?
A: All we ask is an hour of your time on Wednesday nights (6pm – 7pm). However if you want to be more involved there are many opportunities!

Q: Are there any fees?
A: Not at all!

Q: Is Student Government for me?
A: Student Government is for every student on campus, stop by a meeting and see how you like it!