Winter is Coming… Finals are Coming

The last day of classes was yesterday!
We are finally done and have a single grace day to get ready for exams this week and next week.

Personally, the brunt of my preparation time will be spent sleeping, because I cannot operate without sleep. Sure, I can walk around and attend classes and take notes, but that hardly counts. I will never be able to absorb information or solve problems without proper rest.

Everything else, I guess, will be doing example problems. This time around, most of my professors gave us practice material, which is pretty helpful. If the subject is one with a textbook, I usually flip to the end of every chapter and reread the summary and answer any difficult-looking questions I might find there. Most finals are usually testing at a depth that I would not need to read details in the chapters. For English, I try to get an idea of what the professor wants to test us on, because I do not think I have ever been able to predict what to study for an English exam.

If all else fails I just get together with friends and talk about what we covered this semester. Talking with friends is more memorable than reading notes and a lot more fun. I have always found that the best way to get through something is to involve other people. This ties back into what I was saying in my first post: accountability!

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