Banner Grade Submit not Available for Spring 2020 Courses

If you use the Banner Grade Submit tool in Blackboard to submit midterm and final grades you may notice that the tool is unavailable. After consultation with our Enterprise Systems team, we determined that the changes that were needed to accommodate the change in grading in response to the sudden shift to remote instruction were not possible to make in the system and the effort needed by faculty was too great to use the tool. To avoid confusion and reduce the frustration that would be generated by a tool not functioning properly, we made the decision to turn the tool off for this term.

Instead, faculty will submit grades through LeopardWeb where they will have a dropdown option for each student that will reflect the grading scheme for that student. To use the Blackboard tool would require that faculty know which students have petitioned forĀ  P/NC and which students are still receiving letter grades. There was no way to get this information to display in Blackboard.

While this may result in more work for faculty in large enrollment classes, we believe the increased accuracy of grade submission and reduction in frustration from errors is worth the temporary change.