Blackboard now uses SSO – but not without a few hiccups!

On May 4th we changed the authentication for Blackboard to use Single Sign On (SSO) to improve the user experience. Initial testing did not reveal any problems but as sometimes happens with technology, we found some as soon as we went live. One issue, a missed configuration setting was quickly identified and corrected. A second issue took longer to identify and correct but will also require some action on the part of end users.

If you use the mobile apps, Blackboard and Bb Instructor, and you have selected the “stay logged in” feature, you will see a failed login attempt when you try to access Blackboard.

To clear the error and log into Blackboard, you need to reselect the institution and reselect Wentworth Institute of Technology. Reselecting the institution refreshes the settings for authentication and will correctly redirect the app for authentication. 

To fix error in mobile app, reselect Wentworth Institute of Technology as the institution.

The new authentication prompts users to click on the Web Login button. This action will open a browser window for Office365 authentication on you mobile device. Once you log in, you will be returned to the Blackboard app.

Although there were hiccups, we hope users find SSO for Blackboard to be an improvement in their overall experience.