Blackboard Upgrade Testing

As I posted earlier in the summer, LIT has been hard at work testing two candidate versions of Blackboard for upgrade in August. We’ve tested the Fall 2016 release and while we found some bugs it is a possible candidate. We are currently testing the Spring 2017 release which is looking more promising than expected. The Spring release fixes some persistent bugs – try moving content or menu items lately – that cropped up in our last upgrade. In addition to bug fixes we look forward to faculty finally getting drag-and-drop file upload abilities in a significant number of places in the LMS.

For students, there is now an assignment submission receipt which is e-mailed to the student’s Wentworth e-mail account, providing evidence that they have successfully submitted their assignment.

Assignment Submission Reciept






If testing progresses as well as it did in June, we should know by early August which version we’ll upgrade to and provide details of the new features.