Lightboard ready for use!

LIT is pleased to announce that the Lightboard is now available for scheduling!

During the March Faculty Showcase, a number of faculty expressed interest in using the Lightboard to record video segments for their online, hybrid and traditional classes.

We are delighted to offer faculty and teaching staff the opportunity to use this innovative device to support their teaching goals.

Wentworth's new Lightboard

Wentworth Lightboard

Recently Professor Abigail Charest (Civil Engineering) pre-recorded a number of lectures for her Fluid Mechanics course while she was out of the country.  The pre-recorded segments were edited by LIT staff and added to her Blackboard course website using Panopto, the institution’s enterprise video platform.  Her course was uninterrupted as a result of the video lectures.

Abigail Charest teaching Fluid Mechanics

Professor Abigail Charest using the Lightboard

The Lightboard currently resides in a small conference room in the DTS offices, located on the 3rd floor of Beatty Hall.  Given the current location of the Lightboard, you will need to coordinate with an LIT team member to access the Lightboard studio.

Please contact to schedule a consultation prior to your initial recording session.

Meantime, please take a look at the LIT Lightboard support page that we have created which provides additional information about the Lightboard, as well as some tips and tricks and best practices for your recording sessions.

We very much look forward to working with you.