LIT Advisory Working Groups

The LIT Advisory Committee is busy working on several projects through smaller working groups:

  • Video at Wentworth: assessing vendors and tools to meet faculty and student needs
  • Plagiarism Detection/Education: assessing tools
  • On-Demand Videos: recommending either or Atomic Learning (Hoonuit) for renewal in 2018/9 budget cycle
  • Faculty Showcase: March 15, 2018 showcase on teaching, learning and scholarship. Submit your Request to Showcase!
  • Teaching with Technology: advancing the use of tablets in teaching
  • Bb Hosting Migration: now conducting research on different LMS options
  • Bettering Learner Engagement Study: leveraging Wentworth data on the impact of academic technology on student success to enhance teaching practices
  • EBSCO Curriculum Builder: Pilot opportunity with the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons

Who are we? The Learning Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee provides direction on ways to leverage innovative learning strategies and academic technology tools to foster excellence in teaching and learning at Wentworth. The committee acts as a conduit for the two-way dissemination of information to enhance communications among the faculty and academic leaders and provide a bridge for effective implementation of innovations in teaching and learning. Meet your committee members.

Other items discussed this Fall include:

  • Launch of Kaltura Media Space
  • New LeopardWeb Portal
  • Laptop Program Collaboration
  • Class Roster Report

Feel free to reach out with questions, feedback, and ideas!