Meet the Brightspace Pilot Faculty!

Meet the Brightspace Faculty Champions!

Brightspace is generating a lot of interest with almost 60 faculty volunteering to pilot courses in Brightspace this fall. Due to the nature of our phased implementation, LIT could support approximately 20 (we wish everyone could support everyone!). Pilot faculty were selected from volunteers with input from the Senate Academic Instruction Subcommittee and department chairs. Certain pilot faculty will serve as Brightspace champions this spring – as a trusted colleague, willing to answer basic Brightspace questions and direct colleagues to LIT for additional help. Meet your Brightspace champions:

  • Applied Math: Mel Henriksen
  • Architecture: Troy Peters
  • Biological Engineering: David Simpson
  • Civil Engineering: Anuja Kamat
  • Computer Science & Networking: Sunjae Park
  • Construction Management: Fope Bademosi,
  • Electrical Engineering: Marisha Rawlins,
  • Humanities & Social Sciences: Kristen Rosero 
  • Industrial Design: Derek Cascio
  • Interior Design: Sylvia Masters
  • Management: Michael Mozill
  • Mechanical Engineering: Tony Duva
  • Sciences: Andrew Seredinski

A full list of all Brightspace pilot faculty, many who may be teaching sections of the same course, also includes: Aran Bercu, Swati Kelkar, Marko Milosevic, Gary Simundza, Emma Smith-Zbarsky, and Mami Wentworth, Jennifer Gaugler, Greg Logan, Anne-Catrin Schultz, John Cribbs, Hari Naganthan, Aaron Carpenter, Ella Howard, Megan Kensington, Nick Ortolino, Cindy Stevens, and Mike Tylinski.

When Can All Faculty Check Out Brightspace?

All faculty teaching this fall can log into with your Wentworth credentials. Use your sandbox to experiment with features and functionality.

We invite you to complete the Level 1 and Level 2 self-paced training modules in Brightspace to learn how to navigate and use common features. Find the training under “MyCourses” and scroll over to “Self-Paced”.

Brightspace home page showing "my courses" and "self-paced" options














You can also access resources and subscription training including live and recorded training sessions and regular live Q & A sessions for instructors at – register using your Wentworth email address (this is critical for you to have access to subscription training). Once you have an active account in the Brightspace Community, click on the Learning Center link in the navbar at the top of the page. Next, click on the big blue subscription training button on the right side of the page. The subscription training site will appear and you can access any of the training for the entirety of our contract with Brightspace.

Look for LIT hosted synchronous hands on workshops starting in October. We’ll advertise them later this month. Contact to consult with an instructional designer.

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