New Banner to Blackboard Integration

What this change means for you: Blackboard course sites can be created earlier, enrollment changes are updated in real-time,  and grades can be submitted to Banner from Blackboard.

This spring DTS has been working on a project to re-integrate Blackboard and Banner. Our old system permitted us to feed only one term’s worth of data at a time from Banner to Blackboard. That single term feed meant delays in seeing courses appear in Blackboard. In addition, there was no communication back to Banner from Blackboard so that if you used the Blackboard Grade Center to track and calculate grades, you still had to manually enter student grades in Banner.

Using the new Intelligent Learning Platform integration from our Banner vendor we can now feed information from Banner in real-time. So, if a student drops one course and adds another, the change is seen immediately. If instructors are changed, as soon as the information is entered in Banner, the change will be sent to Blackboard. In addition, instructors will be able to submit midterm and final grades to Banner from Blackboard with ease. If you use the Blackboard Grade Center to track and calculate grades, you can submit grades for an entire course with a few  mouse clicks. No rekeying of individual grades needed.

We’ll be sharing more details about this change during Wentworth Opening Week for Summer term.