New Reporting Functionality in Blackboard

Starting in January for all courses and December for some “lucky” instructors, we’ll be rolling out new reporting functionality in Blackboard. Many instructors do not find the built-in Blackboard reports provide quite the information they need or they suspect the reports are not accurate. Wentworth has licensed an additional reporting tool to assist us in evaluating use of Blackboard tools by faculty and students and now an instructor version of the tool has been integrated into Blackboard.

Eesysoft provides reports based on specific monitors that we can customize for our environment. So if the Blackboard course reports do not provide sufficient detail, we can add monitors to track additional items. As part of our initial rollout to those “lucky” instructors, we’ll be asking for feedback to see how we might need to tweak the report definitions and monitors to provide better insights into how your students are engaging with your Blackboard course.

If you are interested in testing this new reporting tool contact and we’ll enable the tool in your courses. We’ll be interested in hearing your feedback.