Panopto – Enterprise Video Platform Update

As of July 1 we are an official Panopto customer.  We signed a 3-year contract that will extend Panopto as our enterprise video platform through 2021.

We are in the process of working with the Panopto team on many fronts, including:

  • Copy existing Kaltura and Echo 360 content to the Panopto system.  (in progress.)
  • Set up the backend Blackboard LTI Integration so that you will see Panopto as a drop down menu option in Blackboard when we “flip the switch” (in progress)
  • Set up Single Sign on authentication across the institution for direct login to Panopto using Wentworth credentials (in progress)
  • Branding our Panopto site with Wentworth logos (completed)

As a reminder, we have also made arrangements with Echo 360 and Kaltura to extend our current license and use through the end of 2018 Summer II term.  After that time, both Echo and Kaltura will no longer be accessible.  Please do not use either Echo 360 or Kaltura AFTER the conclusion of Summer II term.  In fact, we will remove the LTI links from appearing in Blackboard upon completion of the Summer II term.

We are also working with the Panopto training team to begin scheduling training.  The first training that we will coordinate is Administrator training, so that we can learn more about the backend of the system.

Following that, as well as the completion of content transfer, we will schedule our initial “user” training in early August with more training in early Fall.  Training sessions will be recorded.  We will also plan to participate in a “train the trainer” session where we (LIT and CPCE colleagues) will learn everything there is to know about the platform and schedule individual and departmental training sessions based on Instructional Designer alignments.

We are very excited about our new video platform.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  As always, we want to keep the channels of communication completely open and transparent.