Remote Assessment Strategies

LIT invites you to consider a wide variety of remote assessment strategies.  Here are resources you can tap into. Check out the session slides from Remote Assessment Information Sessions and be sure to look at the notes view to access additional resources! Additional quick links are also below. Educause conducts COVID19 quick polls, here’s the recent poll on grading and proctoring.

Remote Assessment Notes/Additional Resources:

Things to Keep in Mind if you go the LockDown Browser or Monitor route:

  • Learn More in Lynn Cooke’s blog: Respondus Monitor for Remote Exams LIT Blog
  • LockDown Browser (video) is a special application that runs on a student’s computer that locks them into a Blackboard test. The student can’t browse other websites, other parts of Blackboard, use other applications on their computer, print the exam, or copy and paste the questions into email to send to other students.
  • Respondus Monitor (video), used in tandem with LockDown Browser adding use of the web camera, is not the same as a live remote proctoring solution. The system uses the web camera to record the student’s test session and uses AI to analyze it. If suspicious activity is detected, the instructor is alerted in the Monitor dashboard for the assessment. Any decisions about whether the student’s behavior was in violation of the academic honesty policy is, at least initially, made by the instructor.

Respondus Resources to Explore:

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