Single Sign on is Coming to Blackboard (FINALLY!)

After several years of work from the NetOps team we are pleased (ecstatic!) to announce that users will soon have one less system to repeatedly log into. Blackboard will join other applications using Single Sign On. Once you login to any of the products using Office 365 (Azure) to authenticate, you will also be signed into Blackboard.

Starting in May, after the Blackboard update, we will test SSO and if it checks out, SSO through O365 will be the standard login. When you go to to login to Blackboard, you will either be prompted to login to Office 365 or, if you are already logged in, go directly to the My Wentworth page in Blackboard.

Many thanks to Justin, Dom, and Jon from the Wentworth team for working on this project and figuring out the bugs. Thanks to Blackboard for releasing a fix earlier this year that allows SSO to work properly with Office 365.