Spring 2020 Faculty Showcase & Reception

Faculty are the hallmark of Wentworth Institute of Technology. The Provost Office and Learning Innovation & Technology are pleased to celebrate the many accomplishments of Wentworth faculty at the Faculty Showcase & Reception on March 5th from 3pm-5pm in Watson Auditorium. Join your colleagues as they showcase teaching, scholarship, service learning, professorships, mini-grants, EPIC learning, and sabbatical accomplishments. Find out what’s new and how to collaborate with the Center for Wellness & Disability Services, Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons, Technology Services, and Learning Innovation & Technology.

  1. Faith C. Litchock-Morellato Persistence and Retention of First-Year Non-Native Speaking Students in Institutes of Higher Education: A Comprehensive Model”
  2. Nadine StecherBuilding an Escape Room Scenario as Instructional Tool”
  3. Christopher Brigham Bio-based Materials and Some Potential Medical Applications”
  4. Jody Gordon and Anne-Catrin SchultzAugmenting Architectural History: The Current Efficacy and Future Potential of Virtual Reality Pedagogy at Wentworth”
  5. Ella Howard “Doing Digital Public History Among the Dead: Cedar Grove Cemetery’s Post Lot”
  6. Phyllis Wentworth and Jonathan Ripley “Walking Mission Hill: A Student Community Learning Project”
  7. Juval Racelis, Margaret Bean, Dan NealAssessing Flipped Classrooms via Reflective Journals: Faculty-Librarian Collaboration for Student Information Literacy Success”
  8.  Afsaneh Ghanavati, Douglas E. Dow, Ron Frattura, Steve Cortes, Margret E. Ragnarsdottir Integrating Lean Thinking into Design Thinking”
  9.  Hadi KazemiroodsariSteel Frame Sculpture”
  10.  Fopefoluwa BademosiRobotics and Automation in Construction: Essential Skills, Knowledge and Abilities”
  11. Allison LangeGetting to Vote 1920-2020: Rights and Resistance”
  12. Hossein NoorianRisks Encountered by Multinational Companies in Foreign Trade and the methods of Handling Them”
  13. James LambrechtsBoston Transit Improvements–Students Developing Solutions”
  14. Lynette Panarelli, Don Tracia, Jody GordonMixed Reality Learning & Discovery Center”
  15. Cindy StevensAePR Journal”
  16. Dave Rosenberg “Experience with Panopto”
  17. John Voccio, Franz Rueckert, Ted GreeneSuperconducting Wire Characterization at Wentworth”
  18. Memo Ergezer & Michael Mozill “Berlin 2020 Study Abroad – Stories from the Road”
  19. Joseph Martel-FoleyIn Class Activities for Bias Awareness”
  20. John Cribbs “Multi-Faceted Visualization Technology to Enhance Core Curriculum Construction Management Courses”
  21. Payam Bakhshi “Automated Earth Moving Operations”
  22. Simon WilliamsonConcept Renders”
  23. Jennifer Lee Michaliszyn, Chen-Hsiang (Jones) YuSmart Device for Architectural Fieldwork in Building Performance”
  24. Haifa El-Sadi “Rheological Properties of Pullulan and Aloe Vera Nanofiber Solutions”
  25. Mira Yun “Public Safety Networks”
  26. Cristina Cosma “An Overview of Construction Scheduling Software”
  27. Allen Wong “ Keeping Boston Classy”
  28. Uri Feldman, Wayne Bynoe “Robot Assisted Physical Therapy System Evaluation”
  29. Charlie PhamA review on automated grading tools for programming assignments”
  30. Anuja Kamat, Will Cashel-Cordo, Brian Burns, Nina Collins, Benjamin Zidelis “Light Weight Concrete Canoe Mix Design”
  31. Anuja Kamat, Hadi Kazemadoorsari, Will Cashel-Cordo “Personalized Service Learning”