Students Want More Blackboard…Learn How

Students are increasingly asking for more faculty to use Blackboard Learn in their courses (Bettering Learner Engagement Study, Student Satisfaction Inventory, Wentworth Student Government representatives). Maybe you’ve never used Blackboard, or you tried it and had a negative experience. The good news is Blackboard is constantly evolving and improving. LIT has also been analyzing data from Blackboard to examine how the tools are being implemented to support classroom delivery and student learning. So we are able to recommend practices that are tied to student success to supplement and extend the classroom experience. If you’re teaching hybrid or fully online courses, there are a wealth of pedagogically sound course structures and strategies to consider.

If you’re interested in getting started with Blackboard or building on your current use, consider these workshops. Email to enroll this summer and we’ll arrange the date/time based on enrolled faculty availability.

Keep an eye out for fall opening day sessions on Sept 5th.

As always, LIT instructional designers are happy to consult with you personally. Email, call 617-898-5428, or drop by Annex Central 205.