Use Gradescope to Save Time Grading

What is Gradescope?

Gradescope is an online grading platform used to grade homework, quizzes, group projects, and exams. It reduces grading time, increases grading consistency, and provides statistical summary for every assignment. Gradescope helps you seamlessly administer and grade all of your assessments, whether online or in-class. Save time grading and get a clear picture of how your students are doing. With Gradescope, students receive faster and more detailed feedback on their work, and instructors can see detailed assignment and question analytics.

Possible Uses

  • Gradescope supports variable-length assignments (problem sets & projects) and fixed-template assignments (worksheets, quizzes, exams, bubble Sheets similar to Scantron).
  • Grade paper-based, digital, and code/programming assignments in half the time.
  • Quick, flexible grading with the option of providing detailed feedback to students
  • Gain valuable insight on the progress of your students with rubric-level statistics.
  • Deliver Feedback instantly to students
  • Answer Groups & AI-assisted Grading. Grade groups of similar answers at once.

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Please take a moment to view the following resources provided by Gradescope:

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