Vish Paradkar is Wentworth’s CIO and VP for the Division of Technology Services (DTS), a position he took over on April 2. He previously was the assistant VP of IT services at Colorado College and earned his MBA from the University of Colorado. He is a certified project management professional and certified ScrumMaster.

What are your top priorities?
They are aligned with the elements of the institutional bridge plan that are rooted in the strategies that were part of Wentworth’s 2013–2017 strategic plan: rolling out a video creation and hosting platform (Panopto); piloting an interactive student engagement tool (Top Hat); installing a new and enhanced cloud-based recruitment system (Slate); and rolling out curriculum, catalog, and course management software (Course Leaf).

What are the principal challenges facing your department and staff?
Managing technology is a balancing act. We want to introduce technology that serves as a powerful tool to work better, cheaper, faster, and securely. But the moment we add too much technology or the wrong kind, it can create roadblocks—confusion, lack of adoption, and frustration.

How might these challenges be overcome?
DTS will form additional advisory forums for guidance on technology in administrative and user services spaces. We also plan to develop collaborative action teams around topics of information security orchestration, technology change management, and enhancing the web and mobile application platforms for Wentworth.

Where do you want Wentworth to be within five years?
Our vision is to create a diverse and inclusive environment where we collaborate with the campus community to unleash new, innovative solutions to improve student retention and set them on a path to success here at Wentworth and beyond.
We want technology to be like a wireless signal: You can’t quite see it, but you absolutely need it.

How is your department’s work connected across the Wentworth community?
Technology is so ingrained in every aspect of operations on the campus: academic, administrative, residential, and recreational. We consider ourselves the glue that keeps the machine working smoothly. IT connects it all.

— Dennis Nealon