Bb Annotate to Replace Box View

Blackboard has developed a replacement for Box View, the assignment annotation tool in Blackboard that most instructors find an unacceptable replacement for the original annotation tool, Crocodoc. Blackboard will deploy the tool to our production environment in late June.

Watch a video:

On or around June 29th, you will see the new tool in Blackboard. At this time, documents annotated with Box View will be migrated to Bb Annotate. According to Blackboard “The migration process could take several hours to days depending on the number of files that need to be migrated from New Box View to Bb Annotate.” During the migration process, the annotated files will not be available. If you are using Box View when the migration takes place, the file you are annotating will be migrated after you complete your annotations.

We are hoping this will finally be an annotation tool that works for our community.

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