Broken Lynda Content in Blackboard

In planning to migrate from Lynda Learning to LinkedIn Learning, we identified content in Blackboard that instructors need to update for the links to continue to work. The report below lists much of the content in Blackboard from that we know will not redirect after the update. (Most links will redirect for at least 3 months and LIT will be reaching out later to assist with updating those links). Due to limititations of what we can search for Blackboard and the many ways in which instructors may have added Lynda content to Blackboard sites, there may be links we did not find. If you are copying courses, you should check all links to make sure you don’t have broken content.

Included in the report are the original link and the new LinkedIn link (scroll to the right to see the new link). You can search by instructor or course name to see if your course has content that needs immediate remediation. If you teach a CPCE course, you may want to search by course because the instructors listed are associated with the course in Blackboard but may not be the instructor of record.

NOTE: Fall 2019 courses will not be in this list due to the lead time require to have LinkedIn identify the replacement links. If you have copied courses you will need to check and remediate any links copied from courses on this list.