Qwickly Attendance Update

What Qwickly Attendance users need to know

When you are setting up Qwickly Attendance in your course, you no longer go to the course control panel. Instead, there is a menu item in the Build Content menu for Qwickly Attendance tool. Create a link to Qwickly Attendance with this new menu option in a content area, we suggest in the Student Read First section. Once link is created, click on it and it will work the way it did in the past.

Note: You may get a message about the tool needing to act as you, this is a necessary step so that you know that the tool will make changes to your grade center if you are enabling grading.

Revised Step by Step Qwickly Attendance Instructions.

Why has Qwickly Attendance changed?

During the break between Summer and Fall terms we have updated the Qwickly Attendance Tool to function through an LTI integration. Qwickly is changing how their suite of tools tools integrates with learning management system. The LTI (or Learning Tools Interoperability) standard allows cross-platform compatibility of tools to multiple learning management systems. In our experience, LTI’s tend to be less vulnerable to problems when the LMS is upgraded.