Engage Your Students in Class Using Top Hat

LIT conducted its Top Hat pilot during the summer 2018 semester. Top Hat is a product that leverages students’ devices, specifically their laptops and cell phones, during your classroom presentations. Top Hat integrates with your presentation software, and video content so you can embed quiz questions while you teach – creating better student engagement. And that’s not all, it integrates with our campus LMS – Blackboard Learn, so students can review your uploaded content and take quizzes while they review your slides.

Five faculty members participated in the pilot along with 100 students. The purpose of the pilot was to determine the positive and negative effects Top Hat has in a classroom setting. The results were extraordinary.

Student Feedback:

  • 68% reported that Top Hat gave them useful feedback about their understanding of course content
  • 81% of students felt that Top Hat mad the lecture more interesting

Faculty Feedback:

  • 100% of instructors felts that students learned the course material better
  • 100% of instructors would use Top Hat in their class again
  • 100% of instructors would recommend Top Hat to their colleagues

If you’re interested in using Top Hat in your classes, please contact Ron Frattura at fratturar@wit.edu. He will set you and your students up with an account to get started.