LMS Review – RFP released and other news

As you know Wentworth is exploring replacing our LMS (currently Blackboard). This past academic year the LMS Taskforce explored how Blackboard was being used at Wentworth and what the community felt were benefits and short-comings of the system. We’ve prepared a report analyzing the results of surveys, focus groups (open forums) and data from Blackboard’s database. In addition, requirements gathering and use cases were developed over the course of the spring term in parallel with the preparation of a request for proposals (RFP).

The RFP was released to vendors on Friday, May 31, 2019. Vendors have until Friday, June 28 to respond with proposals. Over the summer the LMS Taskforce will meet hold preliminary meetings with each vendor to help them prepare for on-campus meetings in the fall. During the on-campus meetings, each vendor will make several presentations to various stakeholder groups and meet with technical staff to discuss how their solution will integrate with current and planned technologies used by Wentworth.

In addition to planning and releasing the RFP to vendors, the LMS Taskforce will be preparing a SharePoint site viewable by all members of the Wentworth Community. The site will be a repository for the RFP, reports, proposals and our evaluation rubric. We are asking that all vendor presentations be recorded and links to these session recordings will be available from this site. Look for this site in SharePoint later this summer.

In the fall, look for announcements of the vendor presentations and please participate. The feedback that the community provides is critical in selecting the best LMS for Wentworth.