Video Content Migration

As a reminder, we are no longer using Kaltura or Echo 360 and have made the switch to Panopto’s video platform beginning the Fall 2018 term. Working closely with our new Enterprise Video vendor, all video files from Kaltura and Echo 360 systems were migrated to the new Panopto platform.

Contact LIT so we can help you access and use the Kaltura and Echo 360 videos we moved to Panopto in your courses moving forward. It is important that you contact LIT if you have video files you intend to use during the current Spring 2019 semester and beyond.  After the Summer 2 term in August, which will represent one calendar year since we migrated the content, all unclaimed video files will be moved to an “unclaimed property” folder and will be permanently deleted.

There are a few steps involved in setting up (provisioning) a course in Blackboard to use the video files that you have created and we would like to work with you so that you feel comfortable using the new video platform.

In the spirit of helping us to help you, we need to hear from you as soon as possible so that we can support you

Here’s a taste of what Panopto Enterprise Video Platform offers and a LIT Panopto support site to prompt some video ideas:

  • A secure environment for hosting and sharing your video content
  • Easy to use software for recording video content and live streaming
  • A unique search engine for finding any word mentioned in any video
  • Complete integration with Wentworth’s Learning Management System
  • Easy to use editing features
  • Create assignments for students to upload their own video submissions
  • Ability to caption videos
  • Adding quizzes, YouTube videos, PDFs, slides, etc. to the session
  • Integrates Discussions, Notes, and Bookmarks

Please drop by Annex Central 205, email us at, or call 617-989-5428 and we will be happy to assist.