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Is this reality?

     I think that packing for three months in just a large suitcase, a carry-on and a backpack may have been one of the most difficult tasks I have ever completed. Until the morning of my flight, I was packing, unpacking and repacking my suitcases. I was finally able to fit everything in my suitcase with little time to spare before I had to leave. As my parents drove me to the airport, I sat in the back seat silent almost the entire way. I didn’t have any nervousness, sadness or excitement. I truly didn’t know what to feel. The idea of spending a semester abroad had always been a dream and now it was becoming reality, and I was left speechless.

     My nine classmates and I have officially been in Spain for ten days now and we are still asking each other if the reality has set in yet. It certainly has not. We unpacked and settled into our apartments in Girona, Spain, but were only there for a few days. We’ve been lucky enough to spend some time traveling before classes start. We’ve been to four different cities other than Girona in 10 days including Cadaqués, Seville, Córdoba and Granada.We have been so many places and seen so much already that we can’t imagine what more we will experience in the next three months. It impossible to capture all the beauty of these places in just a few photos, but I’ll try my best!


   El Paratge de Tudela – Cadaqués, Spain                     Metropol Parasol – Sevilla, Spain

Cor      Granada

        Seville Cathedral – Seville, Spain                         Alhambra Palace – Granada, Spain