Monthly Archives: March 2017


     Going from sunny 65 degree weather to cold and rainy Berlin isn’t exactly ideal BUT it was certainly worth it. All ten of us went together for 4 days and were even able to see the other students from WIT studying abroad there!

     My favorite part of the trip was the day when we aimlessly wandered around the city, discovering cozy cafes, small parks and unique facades. Our wandering eventually led us to Mauerpark, a large park that still has a large section of the Berlin Wall (which is covered in graffiti, something that has become very prominent on the streets of Berlin). The park was filled with people playing music, relaxing and drinking (open containers are permitted in Berlin). There was even a flea market going on at the time, which had an abundance of vintage jean jackets (a very popular article of clothing for Berliners in our generation). So I bought a 15€ jacket, grabbed a beer and headed to the graffitied wall to fit in with the rest of the crowd!

      That night we were lucky enough to be able to go to the Berlin Philharmonic and see the orchestra. The music was lovely, but my favorite part was the building. The outside was abstract and bright and the inside was grand, but inviting! The photos below show some of my favorite experiences from the trip!

                    Volkswagen Factory                                      Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall


                 Berlin Wall, Mauerpark                                                 Reichstag Dome