Wednesday’s are super super tough days for us here (I’m only kidding)… we take the train to Barcelona for the day as a class. The morning consists of classroom time where we learn about important architecture in the city. We then have a break to enjoy a two hour lunch together – long lunches with friends are part of the culture here and we’ve adapted quite nicely!

     The second half of the day is spent walking around the city experiencing the streets, plazas and buildings that we learned about in the morning. Once the day is over, we head back to Girona. On the train, I go back through the photos and notes I took and sketches I drew. We learn and see so much that I reflect on the day in order to remember as much as possible. We’ve already learned so many things that just can’t be taught sitting in a classroom!

IMG_7973 IMG_8257

                           Casa Batlló                                                       Barcelona Cathedral

IMG_7337 IMG_7010

                Passeig de Lluís Companys                                                 Plaza Reial

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