Engineers are Adding Design Thinking to Their Courses

The First Year Engineering Program is undergoing a major course redesign to include 21st century knowledge and skills which are needed to meet the needs of the future job force are changing at an incredible rate.

Design Thinking, while not a new concept, is moving its way into the engineering realm. What is Design Thinking?  It is a process where inquiry and learning merge with engineering, putting a focus on empathy and human-centered design. Simply put, Design Thinking incorporates the end users’ needs, wants, goals, and motivation for their products into an overall design process.

Steve Chomyszak from Mechanical Engineering along with Ron Frattura Learning Innovation & Technology (LIT) have teamed up to design and develop a two-week design thinking module that all first-year engineering students will participate in spring 2019. The content for this module includes:

  • Define Critical thinking and creative thinking
  • Incorporate empathy in the design process
  • Identify your learning style and metacognitive skills
  • Build cooperative teams
  • Implement five-step design process

If you’d like more information, please contact:

Steve Chomyszak

Ron Frattura