Why Flip Your Classroom?

Can’t seem to cover all the material you need to in class? Just not enough time to have the needed discussion in class to prompt deeper learning.  Well, you’re not alone.

So, how can you make the most out of a 50 or 75-minute lecture?  “Flip” your class. Have your students view the material or participate in discussions before coming to class. Then, students come to class and work in groups (or as a class) to discuss and ask specific questions about what they had done the previous night. The “homework” part of the day now occurs in the classroom, and direct feedback from the instructor can meet each student exactly where they are in the educational process.

The lecture now occurs at home. The part that students really struggle with–analyzing, evaluating, and creating-can be done with the instructor in class. Now, your students have the time to practice deeper thinking and learning while developing their skills and knowledge. In a flipped classroom model, students can review material at any time. When they are preparing for a test or need to review old material, they can find the lesson online.

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