Your Voice and the LMS Taskforce!

The time is right to launch a Task Force to re-assess important features and uses of a learning management system (LMS) at Wentworth and choose the best system to meet our needs in the future. This is based on campus feedback and the Bettering Learner Engagement Study. Data showed both mixed satisfaction with Blackboard Learn (our current LMS), positive impacts on student learning with targeted usage of the LMS when aligned with pedagogical practices, and students’ desire for instructors to use the LMS in their courses.

The goal of the LMS Task Force is to explore and document uses, needs, and requirements of Wentworth’s LMS, assess solutions to meet those needs, and decide the future LMS. The Task Force will also explore and recommend course template and use of the LMS to foster student success. Ideally, the LMS choice would be made by end of Spring 2019 term, or early Fall 2019 if additional time is needed. After the decision, implementation planning begins.

The LMS Taskforce includes members of the LIT Advisory Committee, the Facilities and Equipment Senate Sub-Committee, and Wentworth Student Government.

Your voice is critical so please participate as we collect feedback on important LMS features, uses, and requirements:

  • October: student poll questions in Bb and open forums (face to face and virtual)
  • October/November: a faculty survey during your department meeting
  • December/January: faculty open forum
  • November: academic leadership discussion at Dean/Chair meeting
  • November: staff open forums

Please feel free to reach out to LMS Taskforce colleagues with questions, concerns, and input. This work is very much a shared governance, open and transparent process.

For more insight into Bb use from the student perspective, read the Blackboard Student Experience at Wentworth.

For insight into how faculty implement Bb tools in their courses to support classroom delivery and student learning, read the analyzing data from Blackboard blog.