Let’s get excited!

I love the first day of classes. I can’t help it. There’s just something about that day. When Dean Wenner, Dean Kosses, and Dean Mulligan, and I were out at the Leopard Booth on that morning, we loved seeing students who hadn’t seen each other all summer yell each others’ names across the quad. They were excited to see each other.

The fall semester is always an exciting time on campus. In addition to just the energy of the new school year, there’s a lot that happens in the fall.  Most of our seniors are out on their last co-op as they begin their last year of undergraduate college and most of our juniors are preparing for their first co-op experience.  People huddle up to watch Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, and Monday night football games (see what I did there). Everything pumpkin and orange is everywhere!

In last week’s #WITwants2know question, over 75% of those who responded said they were excited for the fall semester. And this year, there’s another reason to be excited about the fall semester.  In October, we will recognize a new era at Wentworth with the inauguration of President Thompson on October 18th, coinciding with Family and Alumni Weekend. A whole week’s worth of events are being organized to honor and celebrate all things Wentworth. It is a unique opportunity to showcase our pride, achievements, our amazing students, accomplished faculty, and dedicated staff.

As we begin the fall semester, President Thompson has laid out a vision and plans for a university-wide strategic planning process. Shaping the future of Wentworth is an exciting opportunity for all of us.  There are special ideation sessions being held for students on Monday, September 16th from 8am-10am, 11am-1pm, and 5pm -7pm in Accelerate.  This is your chance to leave a lasting impression, your legacy.  Register for a session here.

It is an exciting time to be a leopard! Now, let’s get to work.