Your ? our Answers: Volume 1

For our inaugural ‘Your ? & our answers’ post, we chose a fun, lighthearted question to answer, submitted by one of our first year students via email:

“What are each of your top 3 favorite songs of all time?”

We’ve taken the liberty of creating a small playlist to share with you all, so hopefully you enjoy our selections! If you want to know what song belongs to whom, just keep scrolling 🙂


Dean Wenner

Three Little Birds | Sunday Kind of Love | What a Wonderful World

Dean Fowler

It’s Not Right, but It’s OK | No Diggity | You Rock My World

Dean Kosses

I Lived | It’s Your Love | I Won’t Let Go

Assistant to the Deans Jesse

Sky Full of Stars | I Feel Home | La Camisa Negra

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