What to know about #WITwants2know?

#WITwants2know | Sampling of Fall 2015 information


56% of respondents are registered to vote in their hometown. Our National Society of Black Engineers is planning a voter registration campaign in the spring semester, along with Wentworth Student Government and the Student Experience Diversity Committee.

83% of respondents have changed the background on their laptop since receiving it. This question came to us from a group of students as they researched their Accelerate project!

73% of respondents do not their rights and responsibilities under Title IX, which is federal regulation ending discrimination based on sex and/or gender identity. To learn more about Title IX, visit www.wit.edu/notalone

77% of respondents indicated they can are able to find a good place on campus to study. Additionally, 69% of respondents indicated they do not take advantage of their time over the weekend as much as they should or would like to. It may be a good idea to seek out those good places to study on campus over the weekend!

50% of respondents have achieved greater academic success and are more/as involved on campus as they were in high school. Two students are using this information for their leadership project for Wentworth Leadership Institute.

95% of our new student respondents indicated they feel welcomed on campus. This question was asked during Wentworth Opening Week. Research has shown that feeling welcomed is an important foundation of success for new students.

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