Student Spotlight: Matthew Channing

Matthew Channing is a junior, majoring in Computer Information Systems. Matthew recently completed his co-op semester at the MBTA.


What do you like most about Wentworth?

What I like most about Wentworth is its diversity. Whether they are international or from another state, it helps to offer so many extracurricular activities, such as their “League of Legends” club, WITA, and Cru, so that students may get to know each other. Also, being a member of the LGBTQ community, I am deeply grateful for the many PRIDE-based events that take place on campus, as well as a no-tolerance for bullying, as I struggle to this day with memories of abuse and harassment from middle school.

Tell us about your transition from high school to college.

My transition from high school to college was a bit rough. I came from a high school that was a therapy school, meaning, it was a special care school for students who struggle with mental illness and ADHD. I formed a close-knit bond with everyone there, staff and students. In a way, we were all supporting each other. I was an open book there because I didn’t have to worry about keeping up a reputation or fitting in with the norm-we all had problems, and it was actually a comfort.  Once I got to college, I found people to be more reserved. It made me feel lonely, but I found that the teachers and staff at school are very kind and care about us. I am grateful for that.

What is your best advice for other students?

My best advice for students who struggle is to stay true to yourselves. I know it is very difficult time, because you’re transitioning from going to classes at school and having summer break, to becoming independent workers. You might get nostalgic thinking about when you were wild and young and didn’t have any responsibilities, but trust me. As you become independent, a lot of the decisions in your life become yours. You can even choose your own furniture, whether that be a big comfy arm chair or an 18th century baroque antique clock! Try to focus on your studies and dream about the future: cause life gets better. Trust me.

What has been your favorite class at Wentworth?

My favorite class at Wentworth has been English II. Professor Williams is a really great teacher. If you’re in her class next semester, you should know that you’re in good hands. I love English, as it’s the one course that I excel at. I love reading, because-you’re not just reading a textbook that’s sitting on a bookshelf getting dusty-every book has its own soul. Think of it as an author’s imprint-a symbol of their existence at a certain point in time.

You travel a lot with your family. What’s been your favorite place to visit?

My favorite place to visit has been New Brunswick. I went last August to St. John’s and Prince Edward Island. I went with my parents, and standing on the beach with the red cliffs off in the distance, recognizable from the story Anne of Green Gables, I finally felt calm for once. You know, having nothing but the sea breeze gently blowing in the air, with the sun shining on you, and the deep navy blue waves gently crashing upon the shore.