Shout out to the Student Org Council!

Our student organizations, in many ways, are the heart and soul of our campus community. Centered around an academic major, cultural identity, purpose, recreational sport, or general interest, our clubs and organizations are the way in which students find their home on campus, their sense of belonging.  And behind the scenes of our successful clubs and orgs is a small group of students working to support and further this sense of belonging.

The Student Organization Council (SOC), advised by Lauren Tyger, assistant director of student engagement, is a group of 8 students who serve as involvement mentors and student org success coaches. They represent each of the student organization types: academic/professional, diversity and social justice, sport, and general interest. Each member is selected after an intense application process. Members of the SOC must be knowledgeable about club/org policies, demonstrate an ability to create opportunities for other students to learn valuable leadership skills, and commit to enhancing the overall experience for student involvement.

The club budget allocation process is also the responsibility of the SOC, with a little help provided by the Treasurer of WSG.  In this process, each club and organization seeking funding for next year, must submit and present their budget proposal.  Afterwards, the SOC deliberates and determines each club’s funding.  It is a long, deliberative, reflective process….and an important one given the opportunities that our clubs and organizations provide to students.  Recently the SOC spent over 25 hours reviewing club budget proposals and setting club budgets.

Members of the Student Org Council

The SOC is another example (in a long list of examples) of how our students commit themselves to making our campus a better place. Their dedication to our clubs and organizations is exemplary.  With deep appreciation, we want to recognize the members of the SOC:

Lindsey Adams
Rachel Bonia
Roanne Elsadig
Christian Hatch
Drew Hogg
Meredith Jamicky
Ari Troy
Britanie Wheeler-Dryer

And a special thanks to Casey Germain, WSG Treasurer, for also helping with the club budget allocation process.