Shout out to the Orientation Staff!

Lanyards and large crowds of students on the quad are a sure sign that it’s orientation season. It’s an exciting time on campus as we welcome new students to our campus community. In our recent #WITwants2know, 73% of our respondents indicated they had a positive orientation experience.  This is great news as we know that a successful orientation often results in an overall successful transition to college experience. Orientation sets a foundation for success in the future. Because of this, let’s take this opportunity to thank this year’s orientation staff:

Christian Blaise – orientation coordinator

Richard Claytor – orientation coordinator

Danielle Harrod – orientation coordinator

Hayley Patton – orientation coordinator

Roanne Elsadig – orientation assistant

Liz Gunning – orientation assistant

Matt Hallock – orientation assistant

Becca Ricciardi – orientation assistant

Ian Brown – orientation leader

Megan Bruneau – orientation leader

Ellen Butts – orientation leader

Helene Casanova – orientation leader

Lily Clancy – orientation leader

Jeff Conner – orientation leader

Matthew Elsevier – orientation leader

Ally Rugg – orientation leader

Bryan Schartel – orientation leader

Janine Thomas – orientation leader

Ariana Troy – orientation leader

Isaiah Walker – orientation leader

Amber Webb – orientation leader

Tina Zunino – orientation leader


Thank you to this group for all their hard work and commitment to Wentworth and our students’ success. Orientation would not be the same without them!