Our favorite Olympic sports

The 2016 Olympic games have begun in Rio de Janeiro. In our last #WITwants2know question, 69% of our respondents indicate they would be watching some of the Olympics.  We wanted to share with you what our favorite summer Olympic sports are…

Dean Wenner:   Diving…because I am constantly balancing states of anxiety and amazement when I watch them. Anxiety, as I am so afraid they are going to hit their heads on the platform. But once they clear that hazard, I am utterly amazed at how they contort their bodies so beautifully in a matter of seconds before hitting the water without even a splash.

Dean Fowler: I prefer watching team sports, rather than individual competitions. I love watching volleyball. It’s face paced and exciting, and it’s fun to play. I am also amazed at the water polo teams…I can’t believe they can tread water for that long!

Dean Kosses: I love watching gymnastics.  I am just so impressed with their strength and talent.  It is always exciting to watch!

Assistant to the Deans, Jesse Correia: The Modern Pentathlon because I find it inspiring! While most other Olympians are training in one sport, these athletes are preparing to be the best in the world in FIVE events! It’s a bizarre combination of sports, but an amazing feat of endurance.