It Ain’t Over Yet

Midterm grades will be available this week. Reviewing midterm grades is a good opportunity to reflect on your progress in a specific course, as well as overall this semester. In our most recent #WITwantsknow question, 59% of our respondents indicated they are happy with their academic performance so far this semester. Keep in mind….midterm grades do not define you.

Typically, there is a lot more graded work in the second half of the semester than in the first half of the semester, which means there is great opportunity to improve grades. There are many resources available to students to help achieve their academic goals:

Visit the Center for Academic Excellence for individual tutoring, facilitated study groups, learning labs, and homework tables. You can also make an appointment with staff in the center to strengthen overall academic strategies and study habits.

Meet with your instructors after class or in their office. Successful students know that their faculty are a great resource….not only can they relay knowledge to you but meeting with them outside of class time shows faculty that you are invested in your education.

Other ideas to improve academic performance include:

  • Study with classmates
  • Be sure you have a quiet space to be productive
  • Start your work early and create a schedule that will allow you to get all of your work done
  • Take care of yourself – be sure to eat healthy and get some sleep
  • Take a break. Sometimes your brain needs a rest. Go to the gym, listen to music, or take a walk with friends.
  • If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, reach out to your advisor or visit the Center for Wellness and Disability Services

Finally, be sure to celebrate success! When you do well on an exam or a project, give yourself a reward! You deserve it!!