Student Alumni Society

Our #WITwants2know question this past week was brought to us by the Student Alumni Society. An overwhelming 87% of our respondents indicated interest in an on-site shadow program with an alum.  This would certainly be an incredible opportunity for students.  We’ve passed the results along to the Student Alumni Society and are sure there will be more information in the future about this shadow program.


The Student Alumni Society (SAS) is a student leadership organization that works with the Wentworth Alumni Association (WAA) and the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) to promote, develop, and encourage a positive, long-lasting community among students and alumni of Wentworth Institute of Technology. Members serve as ambassadors to our community through a wide range of events and programs hosted by the OAR and Institutional Advancement (IA). SAS members get a chance to interact one-on-one with Wentworth Alumni at these on and off campus events throughout the year. This provides members with a unique professional development and networking opportunity with some of Wentworth’s fantastic alumni.

SAS extends these opportunities to Wentworth students by creating new initiatives to connect them with alumni. Such as a potential on-site visit with an Alumni or “The Battle of Huntington” that brought together more than 200 of Wentworth’s Students and Alumni to support our basketball team as they took on Northeastern University.  Connecting with Alumni is a great way for students to spread their professional network and learn more about the fields they are interested in.

SAS is a great leadership and professional development opportunity for students looking to make a difference in the Wentworth community. Anyone interested in learning more about SAS can contact Jace Valls at or Mallory Munro at