Some words of wisdom for our past

For some of you, this may be your last semester on campus. In just a very short time, you will be walking across the stage at commencement…the culminating moment for which you’ve been waiting and working so hard.  One individual will offer the student address at commencement. As we accept applications for student speaker, we wanted to take a look back at some words of wisdom from past student speakers:


“Every success we took pride in, every failure we learned from, it was all worth it. Because we found unimaginable strength within ourselves. We persevered. We pushed further, dug deeper, and tried harder than we’ve ever had to in order to walk this stage today.”   -Rachel Keen, 2016


“Our education at Wentworth provided us with solid scientific knowledge, no nonsense here, and our experience taught us how to run and how to run with others. Without your team members there is no one to give the baton to. You will keep running until you stop. And without your fellow competitors there isn’t a race, no fun there. We need to be strong and we need each other.”  -Evi Mandalou, 2015


“So you may be asking, where do we go from here? Well most of us will be entering the workforce in the next few weeks. We will integrate ourselves into the world as builders. We want to be , and will be, useful members of society. We want to, and we will, build. We aren’t just ready to graduate, we are rearing to go.”  -Braeden McCoy, 2015


“So don’t stop trying and testing. Don’t stop being curious and asking what’s next. We still have a lot to learn from the experiences to come in life, and we’re going to learn a lot as a result of the questions we ask going forward.”    -Brian Finn, 2014


“Most students begin their time at Wentworth with a dream. They have a grandiose vision of what it means to become an architect, or an engineer. They see amazing accomplishments of humanity like the golden gate bridge, and the moon landing. And with belief in themselves and fire in their eyes, they say I can do that too.”   -Thomas Fuller, 2013


“Nothing pleases us more than to create something that wasn’t there before. This urge led us to disassemble appliances when we were young, draw pictures on the walls and build potato cannons too powerful for our own good. This urge brought us to Wentworth Institute of Technology. Technology moves and invigorates us, it awakens our spirit.”   -Bradford Powers, 2011


“Loving what you do is important. Personally, I have always maintained that what I do is, quite honestly, the most exciting thing in the world at least to myself. “Computer Stuff” as many call it may not be your cup of tea, coffee, or diet Pepsi (which is my preferred, and I accept donations), but I can say with confidence that it’s my thing.”   –Pat Cable, 2009



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