Group Projects

While there are significant differences across our majors – content, delivery, etc…, – one common trait for Wentworth students is the group project.  Beginning in the first year and continuing all the way through to senior year, faculty utilize group projects as a means for students to learn new material and develop valuable group skills, such as teamwork and communication.  In last week’s #WITwants2know question, 65% of our respondents indicated they liked working in groups. We asked a few students from various majors to offer their best advice on working in groups:

“Develop a weekly schedule for mandatory meeting times. If you have four classes, that could mean four different groups to schedule meetings.”  -mechanical engineering major

“Utilize some sort of group messaging app to help facilitate communication.” – electromechanical engineering major

“Be flexible, not everyone is necessarily on the same page.” – management major

“Establish a leader for the group but don’t relieve yourself from leadership responsibilities.” – construction management major

“Create a schedule for meetings and hold people accountable.” – computer information systems major

“Listen to everyone’s ideas and be careful not to exclude anyone.” – civil engineering major


There were definitely some themes we noticed from their advice.  Communication is key. It’s also one of the top skills that employers are consistently looking for in graduates (teamwork is too!) so group projects are a great way to develop those competencies that can assist you in the future.

We hope these tips above are helpful.  Good luck on your next group project!!