Student Spotlight: Harrison Bond & Nick Costa

World…Meet Harrison Bond & Nick Costa

I’ve had the pleasure of supervising Nick for almost four years and Harrison for about a year…Let me tell you, these two area handful. Whether they’re working alone or together, laughter and joy (and plenty of snark) are abundant. They are both intelligent, genuine, caring, talented, and hilarious individuals who are motivated to make a positive change wherever they go, which is why they’ve scored a feature on our Student Spotlight segment.

A few months ago, Harrison and Nick came to us with an idea about starting an official Snapchat for Wentworth. Their enthusiasm and confidence was palpable, but the reality was that OSA couldn’t necessarily make that happen. Not wanting to crush their hopes, we offered them an alternative; Help OSA capture and promote life on campus, through a student’s perspective, and share that via our social media accounts. They were also tasked with filling our 2017-2018 Family Calendar with gorgeous photos. We handed them a list of suggestions/guidelines, access to a camera, and our Instagram password (we know, we’re crazy) and set them loose! The result so far has been both comical and inspiring.

Enjoy our Q&A session with these two…

What are you studying/ when are you graduating/ what’s the future hold in store for you?

N: I am currently on track to graduate in August from Wentworth with a degree in Construction Management. If all goes well, I should have job by the time graduation rolls around and should be living back home on the south shore.

H: I am studying Construction Management graduating in August, upon graduating I will be working at Turner Construction and plan on pursuing a career further in Construction/Real Estate Development.

Why did you want to take on the task of contributing to our, and WIT’s, social media presence?

N: I think social media is a huge part of young people everyday lives. Harrison and I thought of the great idea to make Wentworth’s social media presence better by giving it a student perspective. Luckily for us, the deans are somehow on board.

H: I took on the risk of contributing to social media’s presence because to my knowledge the best presence we have is the Dean’s twitter the night before a snow day. I would like to change that, hopefully invoking more pride within our student body and making them get more involved around campus.

What’s your favorite part about working in OSA?

N: Walking into the scorching hot office of Rubenstein 003 on a brutally cold winters day is by far the best experience from working with OSA. Not to mention the deans, as well as Jesse, are always there with a smiling face and luckily put up with all our crazy antics.

H: My favorite part about working in the Office of Student Affairs is all of the nice and interesting students I get to meet on a daily basis, as well as of course our nice and interesting deans.

Best WIT memory so far?

N: My favorite WIT memory was during my elective, Lean Construction with Professor Kearney. We took one of the athletic buses to see a construction project in Burlington, MA in order to see how Lean construction is being implemented in the real world. The best part of that day was riding the bus with Professor Kearney driving and all of my classmates and I were able to bond and joke around while also learning about an up and coming technique in construction. Every time I think about that bus ride I laugh, and I remember that I came to Wentworth for moments like that.

H: My best WIT memory so far is sitting on the hammocks in our quad with Nick last summer enjoying the day, relaxing in between class.

Jesse has referred to the two of you as ‘Bert & Ernie’ in the past; if you had to pick a television/movie/book/cartoon character to be, who would it be and why?

N: Donkey from Shrek. This is because I am always saying things no one wants to hear and I am always overly energetic. Donkey and I are both very interesting characters. And in the morning, I’m makin’ waffles!!

H: First off, I am Bert. Second off it would easily be Paul Rudd from “I Love You, Man” his character is incredible and has a pretty sweet life.

By taking on more social media and design responsibilities within your position as an OSA Assistant, what is your main goal?

N: With any luck, Ernie and I (that’s right, I am obviously Bert) will be able to gain a larger follower base, keep student up to date with that the deans are up to, fun things on campus, and really just get the word out about how great Wentworth really is.

I think we’ll do a fine job, and I hope everyone follows the @WITDeans Instagram!

H: My main goal in taking on more social media responsibilities with the OSA is to get Wentworth’s social media presence to be bigger so that prospective students, current students, and faculty can see what’s going on around campus and get more involved with all of the fun activities that go on.