#FINDMEFRIDAY: Massachusetts State House

Congratulations to Hannah Erickson and Cassie Aiello for being the first students to tweet a selfie (and brave cold, blustery weather!) from the November 10th #FindMeFriday location!


A little about this week’s location:

The Massachusetts State House is located on Beacon Street, directly across from the Boston Commons. The building was designed by Charles Bulfinch and was completed in January 1798. It is built on 6.7 acres of land once owned by Massachusetts first governor, John Hancock. The Massachusetts General Court and the Governor’s offices are located in the State House.

Other than the important government work that happens within the walls of the State House, one of the most notable features of the State House is the gold dome that sits on top of this historically important architectural landmark. The dome was originally covered with copper in 1802. In 1874 it was gilded with gold leaf. However, during World War II, a decision was made to paint the dome a dark gray in order to protect the State House from potential bombing attacks. It was feared the gold dome would be an easy target to see, even in the dark.  The dome was once again re-gilded in 23k gold in 1997 with a price tag of over $300,000.

The gorgeous golden dome is often where people’s eyes stop. However, if you continue to look up, you will see a gilded, wooden pine cone atop of the dome. This pine cone symbolizes both the vital and important lumber industry during colonial times and, interestingly, the state of Maine, which was part of the Commonwealth when the State House was being built.

For more information on exactly what happens in the State House, visit:  https://www.sec.state.ma.us/trs/trsbok/trstour.htm

Now, go see your gilded city, my friends!