Super Bowl Message from Dean Wenner

Dear Students,

Here we go again, Patriots fans!

The only difficult thing about having the Patriots in the Super Bowl so often is trying to find new and clever openings for this letter to you about the importance of being a responsible fan. Next year, I will reach out to Gronkowski to see if he will do a PSA during the AFC championship game. But until then…

Being a New England sports fan is indeed a great thing, as Boston is the true City of Champions. Whether or not you are a Patriots fan, getting swept up in the energy and excitement of a championship game is inevitable. But, in the past, exciting times such as these have caused the City of Boston and colleges and universities many challenges, including destruction of property, injuries, arrests, and the tragic deaths of two young people in 2004. These types of incidents happen when post-game celebrations turn into riotous behavior.

It is not Wentworth’s intent to quash the excitement or celebration. Rather, we are committed to preventing our students from placing themselves at risk of injury or arrest. Therefore, please remember:

  • Students are being encouraged to remain indoors after the completion of the game. If the Patriots win, the City will host a celebration at which fans can celebrate. If the Patriots lose, gathering in a large crowd will not reverse the outcome.
  • BPD will be setting up stanchions in the Fenway and Kenmore Square areas, prohibiting all access after the third quarter. Anyone attempting to gain access to these areas will be at risk of being arrested.
  • Students failing to comply with this directive may face suspension or expulsion from the Institute.
  • Please be advised that once the BPD issue an Order to Disperse and begin directing the crowds to leave an area, failure to maintain movement is a violation of the law and you will be arrested. There are no innocent bystanders at this point.
  • Many times, Boston-area students have gone to these large gatherings just to see was happening and found themselves engaged in behavior they would never have expected. This is known as crowd mentality, and from experience we know that crowds can be unpredictable and dangerous.

I have the upmost confidence in my students and thank you all in advance for enjoying the Super Bowl in a safe and respectful manner. If you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to contact Jenn Kosses (, assistant dean of students, Bill Powers (, chief of Public Safety, or me (

Be safe. Be smart. Take care of each other. And, as always, make me proud!

Go Pats!