#FINDMEFRIDAY: The Armory of First Corps of Cadets/Castle at Park Plaza

Congratulations to Gabriela Bubalo (left) and Kristin Antone (right)  for being the first students to tweet a self from the February 9th #FindMeFriday location.


A little about this week’s location:

The Armory of the First Corps of Cadets, now better known as the Castle at Park Plaza, sits at the intersection of Arlington and Columbus Avenue. Because of the size of this structure, its exact address is 97-105 Arlington Street and 130 Columbus Avenue.  The Armory was designed by William Gibbons Preston and construction began in 1891. Six years later, the First Corps of Cadets called this location home.  The Armory was purposefully designed to withstand any attacks in case of riots or civil unrest.

The four-story granite structure, along with the impressive six-story tower, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and was named a Boston Landmark in 1977. The armory/castle is currently home to the famous steak house, Smith and Wollensky, but is located just down the street from Maggiano’s. So, needless to say, this corner of Boston is where you can get your foodie fix on!

Go taste your city, my friends!  Mangia tutti!