Grit and Love

One of the best parts of our jobs is having the great pleasure and honor to work with some amazing student leaders. These folks contribute so much of their time and energy to helping their peers. But more than their time and their energy, they give so much of themselves to our campus community – the give a lot of pride, commitment, grit, and love.  Wentworth is a better place because of each of them.

As students who’ve applied for a student leader position begin their interviewing process this week, we asked a few student leaders to share their advice for other students or thoughts about their experience. We couldn’t have said it any better…


Being a student leader has allowed me to grow as a person and professionally. I have been able to become a more confident public speaker. It has given me an amazing opportunity to interact with new and perspective students and their families, as well as share my love of Wentworth with them!”  Carli Dantas, Architecture 16

“Becoming a student leader is such a great experience! Meeting new students, friends, staff and faculty makes you feel safe and comfortable to be yourself.  Leaders here at Wentworth learn, teach and reach out. One of the greatest feelings is knowing we have the ability to empower others to set and achieve their goals.” Zeily Perez, Computer Networking 18

“Don’t doubt your ability to be a leader in the community. Whether it is amongst your friends, peers, or future residents, work towards making each day better than the last.” Sachia Chin Loy, Architecture 17

“The role of an RA is and should not be stressful, because once you are part of the staff you are part of a family that will help and support you.” Kevin Ung, Electromechanical Engineering 16

“SWEET has been an unparalleled experience for me. It’s gratifying to work with passionate change agents who make a difference on campus through creative approaches. The position also enabled me to support and connect with my friends like never before through being a relatable resource for topics around wellness.” Bethy Diakabana, Computer Science 17