Dream Vacation Spots, Bucket Lists, University Status, and More

We are back with answers to more of your questions!!


Will Wentworth ever take any interest in gardening clubs or anything plant related?

Yes….if students want it. All of our clubs and organizations are student-driven. We encourage you to find 10 other people with an interest in a gardening club, then speak with the Center for Student Engagement to learn more about the process to start a new club. This also could be a good collaboration with the Sustainability Committee on campus.


“What is on your bucketlist? Dream vacation spot(s)?”

Dean Wenner – On my to-go-to bucket list, I would really like to explore more states, especially Alaska and Wyoming. On my to-do bucket list, I want to take singing lessons and learn to play the piano.


Dean Fowler – looking forward to traveling through Europe some day


Dean Kosses – travel to Ireland and London (and maybe Australia)


Dean Mulligan – traveling to Bhutan and Nepal someday


What exactly does it mean for the students now that Wentworth has university status?”

One of the biggest benefits for achieving university status is that the name recognition will expand nationally and internationally. The value of a Wentworth degree becomes even greater, which is great news for you! For more information about Wentworth earning university status and some helpful FAQ, please visit https://wit.edu/news/wentworth-earns-%E2%80%98university%E2%80%99-status


“How do you think we can break more barriers for WIT in regards to promoting LGTBQ community and other diversity acceptance?”

This is a great question! We were thrilled to see so many people representing Wentworth at Boston’s Pride Parade, but we know there are always opportunities to further develop and inclusive campus community. Our Center for Diversity and Social Justice Programs offers a wide variety of programs to recognize and celebrate diversity. One of the best strategies for inclusion and social justice is dialogue, so we can hear and begin to understand the perspectives of those who are different from us. We are currently exploring the idea of a regular dialogue series on campus starting in the fall. We would love to hear your ideas…share them with us!

“For Dean Wenner: When will you be Wentworth’s President?”

I don’t have the skill set to be president of the Institute, but I’ll be president of your fan club, as you are now my favorite student for asking such a sweet question! #deanlove


“Dean Wenner, where is your favorite place to get all of your amazing clothing?”

I’m a bargain shopper! Marshalls and TJMaxx are my two favorite places to shop! Let me know if you have any suggestions!


“Why does tuition, room, board cost so much? Why are freshmen required to buy the most expensive meal plan?”

First year students are required to purchase the full meal plan because they do not have access to kitchens.  We regularly monitor students’ meal plan balances to be sure they are reasonable. We know that some people run out of meal plan money early and some have a lot left over, but most students use their plan accordingly.  Tuition, room, and board is priced to reflect the costs of operating the Institute. We continue to be very well-priced compared to many other private institutions.